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Adult Programs in Rangeley Maine

HELP – Helping Elders Live in Place

HELP – Helping Elders Live in Place is comprised of active and eager volunteers and staff who are committed to providing exceptional services to our senior population. Our initiatives have brightened the lives of so many in this rural area, keeping seniors active, engaged and healthy. For more information on any of our senior services, please call Hannah Schwartz at 207-864-4397 ext 107.

Functional Fitness for Seniors

Our low intensity strength and balancing class is offered year round at the Rangeley Health and Wellness Fitness Center. These free classes provide active instruction for both the senior population and those in the rehab program. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday at 10:15am.

Chair Yoga

Experience the transformative practice of Chair Yoga at Rangeley Health and Wellness. Our weekly sessions, led by experienced instructor Hannah, offer a gentle yet effective way to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re recovering from injury, seeking stress relief, or simply looking to improve flexibility, Chair Yoga is accessible to all. Classes are held every Tuesday at 10:15AM on the lower level of the pavilion.

HELP Neighbors Calling Neighbors

Neighbors Calling Neighbors provides a daily phone call to seniors who appreciate a daily check-in and contact with a caring person. Our HELP volunteer callers have received training in listening skills and are able to make connections for additional help when it is appropriate providing important links for these isolated individuals. Volunteer callers have paired students from the high school Interact Club (Rotary) with seniors needing chores done such as bringing the wood in or weeding the garden. This relationship is very rewarding and beneficial to both young and old alike. For more information on this service, please call Joanne at 207-670-5236

HARC – HELP Adult Respite Care

The HELP Adult Respite Care Program (HARC) provides needed aid for caregivers by creating a safe place where cognitively challenged seniors can participate in activities designed specifically to enrich their daily lives. Typically this program runs every Wednesday from 11-3 throughout the year in the lower level of the Rangeley Family Medicine Facility.  If you are in need of support services, please call Joanne at 207-670-5236.

Rangeley Health & Wellness

RHW is a non profit 501(c)3 whose mission is to facilitate and promote health and wellness in the Rangeley Lakes region. We are generously supported by individual donors, private foundations, grants, municipal funds, special events and a host of dedicated volunteers. We are here for your well-being!

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