Our Team


Rangeley Health and Wellness is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of committed community members, and a small professional staff. Additionally, we have an active group of community volunteers who participate on various standing committees and help with special events.

Jennifer McCormack, Executive Director

207-864-4397 ext. 6

Janis Walker, Director of Finance & Development
ASCENT Rangeley Lakes Rehab
Lisa Connolly, PT
207-864-3332 ext.3 ascentpt@rangeleyhealthandwellness.com
Behavioral Health Services
Joanne Dickson, LSW
Brittani Martin, Fitness Coordinator

Executive Committee

Patricia Butler, President
James Higgins, Vice President
Ann Rogers, Secretary
Leeanna Wilbur, Treasurer
Laura Reynolds

Board Members

Janet Koob Alexander
Julie Bernstein
Patty Cerminara
Derryl Collins
Joseph Craven
Patricia Ellis
Justin Haley
Curtis Haley
Rachel Lowell
Dennis Marquis
Eliza Morton
William Oppenheim
Edward “Chip” Rogers

Rangeley Health & Wellness

RHW is a non profit 501(c)3 whose mission is to facilitate and promote health and wellness in the Rangeley Lakes region. We are generously supported by individual donors, private foundations, grants, municipal funds, special events and a host of dedicated volunteers. We are here for your well-being!

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Gym Hours

Monday-Friday: 5am - 7pm | Saturday & Sunday : 8am - 4pm

Mailing Address

PO Box 722, Rangeley, ME 04970

Physical Address

25 Dallas Hill Road, Rangeley, ME 04970

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